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A pile of white onions

Onions: what are the benefits?

What's underneath all of those layers?  This vegetable, one of the most widely consumed in Switzerland (an average of 5 kg per capita per year), is full of surprises. Find out more about the history and benefits of onions, plus an easy recipe to make the most of them. We hope it won't bring a tear to your eyes!

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Roast beef on a plate with red cabbage and spaetzle

Savour the Flavors of Fall: the best Autumn Recipes in Switzerland

As the leaves turn vibrant shades of red and gold and the air becomes crisp, there's no better time to embrace the joys of autumn. Switzerland, with its stunning landscapes and rich culinary traditions, offers a perfect setting for celebrating the season with amazing autumn recipes. In this blog, we'll explore the delicious world of autumn ingredients, share three traditional recipes you can try at home, and reveal where to savour the best autumn flavours in Switzerland.

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Cooking oils: Are they bad for your health?

You may have heard that cooking with too much oil is bad for your health. But you might also have heard that olive oil has many health benefits and healthy fats that can improve your blood pressure. So, what’s the right answer and what are the best oils to cook with?

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